Friends since 2011 | Collaborated in 2015

Who We Are

Joanna and Liana are two friends who live in Melbourne and they kind of love dressing up just for food. Well, dressing up in general, but they like to celebrate food and their friendship too!

JoJo and LiLi take on Melbourne came about after far too many decent conversations over really great grub. We talk about a number of random things at so many different tables around Melbourne, Australia and the World; and even though the idea to create a blog started off as a bit of a joke, we both quickly realised that it was something that we would actually love to do.

We don't take ourselves all that seriously and we hope you don't either. We aren't expert food critics with ultra developed palettes. We're two girls looking to give you a taste of what Melbourne has to offer.

Our Mission

Our mission is to discover as much of Melbourne as possible through it's food and the people who work hard to deliver it to you.

“This bench feels unstable”
“ our lives”
*queue maniacal and desperate laughter*
— JoJo and LiLi on a bench, by the side of a road.

Rating system

We rate our overall experiences with a mark out of five stars - with judgement on Food and Drink, Interior, Customer Service, General Atmosphere, Value for Money.







about Joanna

Joanna is a Filipino-British blogger and artist in her mid-twenties. She moved to Melbourne from Perth with her lover for a change of scenery in 2014 but has lived in the Middle East and Asia for almost all of her childhood.

When she's not at her day job, she's a disorganised multi-media portrait artist that spends more money on makeup and food rather than paint, but every now and then she'll whip out some graphite and sketch out a moody self portrait.

In her free time, she has deep and meaningful discussions about social issues and world peace with her two cats as well as experimenting in the kitchen with ketogenic baking.

She also runs a travel, beauty and lifestyle blog over at

You can find Joanna on Instagram and Twitter.

About Liana

Liana was born in Singapore and her family moved to Perth when she was very young. Perth wasn't her cup of tea, so she moved to Melbourne in 2013, for a fresh start and a new lease on life.

Without knowing anyone in Melbourne, Liana joined meetup groups to establish a network of friends. She soon realised when meeting people, that she would announce her love of food, and that it was the one thing in her life that brought joy.

In the past, Liana used to despise cooking. When she decided to try low calorie diets, this sparked her love for cooking and creating.

In her spare time, Liana loves to write poetry, read books, travel to new countries, supports the Geelong football club and spends way too much time on social media. She runs a blog at sharing her life and writing. You can find her on the following social media platforms: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest