Brunch at Roll'n Café

Today, we visited a relatively new café in Hawthorn East called Roll'n.

After a fantastic night out and very little sleep, LiLi trudged over to Jo's place at around 10am wondering just how on earth she would even function today. Jo couldn't even muster the strength to get up an hour before hand so it was a bit of a tragic situation all around. So much for our first official food-venture together!

Jo was pottering about with makeup when LiLi finally made it through the front door and although she had been up for about 20 minutes, Jo appeared to have acquired a new lease of life, enthusiastically greeting her friend who didn't really appreciate the loud noises as she recovered from the night's antics.

After a while of "oh man, what did you do last night?!"'s and "oh my god check out these snap chats of me singing 'boom boom boom, let me hear you say WAYO' at three in the morning!"'s, we got straight to it.

We kept our look fairly casual as we were just catching up for brunch - LiLi rocking some Black Milk and Jo sticking to the basics in Uniqlo.

Checking that she had her keys in her clutch (Jo's been known to get herself locked out of the house for hours at a time) and that we were happy we had everything we needed to record our food coma, we grinned at each other as we opened the front door to set off on our journey.

At around 12.30pm we took a tram up to Camberwell Junction and settled in towards the back of Roll'n. We essentially had the run of the place, presumably as the breakfast/brunch/lunch crowd had come and gone.

This cozy nook was a good place to stretch out and enjoy our food and chatter, undisturbed. It boasted a massive wooden table that looked as though it could probably seat about ten people right next to a window overlooking the busy intersection.

Yes, it was just the two of us sprawled across it. Yeah, we kind of felt bad? No, we weren't all that inclined to move. And yes, we promptly forgot all about the guilt that had at one stage threatened to creep.

We were greeted by very friendly wait staff within minutes of finding a seat, offering us coffee to start with whilst we looked over the menu.

If there’s one thing you must know about us, it’s that Jo will judge a place by it’s Mocha whilst LiLi evaluates based on customer service.

Table water and glasses were set on the table promptly along with the menus.

The menu at Roll'n is very simple and relatively uncomplicated - don't come here looking for a large range of food, but do come here for consistent, well cooked breakfasts and in the refrigerated display cabinet - decent lunch, pastry and sweet offerings.

Oh, and pro tip: if you're in the area on a Sunday or happen to see them update their Instagram or Facebook pages with news of a delivery from Doughboy Doughnuts - get your butt over there!

Our food came shortly after our coffee's were set down - within about ten or so minutes. Here's what we ordered:



  • Smashed Avocado
  • Violet Dream pressed juice
  • Chai Latte


  • Roll'n Breakfast
  • Lemon Myrtle pressed juice
  • Mocha

It was fantastic, but we'll get to that later. For now, please enjoy some glorious picture spam.

The food was excellent but there was something in the pressed juices that just blew our minds, possibly because they were floral essence infused - they're referred to as Elixirs apparently.

Jo was a bit ambitious and also grabbed two coconut tea cakes from behind the pastry display for something sweet after our meals - a bit of a mistake as we found ourselves in struggle town well before we even started on the tea cakes. 

We tried the Sour Cherry and Passionfruit frosted teacakes.

The all day menu is simple. To simplify the menu means an easier choice for the customer. I went for the smashed avocado mainly for the addition of feta and mint. I accompanied the meal with a poached egg. My food was well presented and made me want to jump right in. With a drizzle of lemon juice over the fresh avocado, the mint gave balance to the zesty flavour and the feta added the right amount of creaminess to the meal. I literally smashed this meal and cleaned up my plate.

We did try the coconut tea cakes. One was Passionfruit and the other was Sour Cherry. Unfortunately, I could not taste either of these flavours through the icing, as the coconut flavour of the cake overpowered. Besides not being able to taste these flavours, I enjoyed the coconut cake on it's own.

My favourite drink was the Violet Dream pressed juice. It's made by an Australian owned company called Feast Juice and consists of Apple, Blueberry, Strawberry, Coconut and Violet. I really wanted more. It was delicious. I also had a chai latte, which for me never really disappoints, as you can never make chai wrong.

This cafe flourished with wooden furnishings, neutral colours and wide space. It's uncomplicated and the display cases are perfectly organised. The cute touch I enjoyed seeing was the retro 80s game table, which isn't just a display, but a fun way to spend your cafe date.

The staff were friendly and attentive. Couldn't fault the service as the girls are lovely. I always believe the best service comes from smaller cafés because it's more personalised. Will definitely return because it is so close to my work. I would go back for the juice alone - CRAZY!

Coffee here is consistent despite the fact that I have had several different barista-poured brews, definitely a good sign! I've always been a fan of five senses coffee, having basically lived off it when I resided in Perth.

Them memories.

Anyway - food. The Roll'n breakfast typically comes with two poached eggs perched on top of two pieces of buttered sourdough toast, bacon, mushrooms and a roasted tomato,

Unfortunately for me, I have an aversion to eggs that stems from a pretty traumatic childhood experience (long, hilarious story for another day), so I asked to lose the eggs and add extra mushrooms. Huge fan, especially of the mushrooms - they tasted as though they were cooked in white wine (although I could be wrong) and they were well seasoned.

My meal was massive and although I thoroughly enjoyed it, I couldn't bring myself to get through two whole slices of sourdough.

The tea cakes were great, but LiLi and I couldn't distinguish between the flavoured icings.

Although I love the coffees from Roll'n, I have to say that drinks-wise, the pressed juices stole the show. I took a sip of LiLi's Violet Dream and couldn't raise my eyes from the bottle I decided to worship then and there. My Lemon Myrtle was refreshing - both were quite sweet and floral. Mine however was not as show stopping as Lil's bottled nectar of the Gods.

Very glad to see that consistency in service, food and the general warmth of the place is still present every time I return.


Food and Drink: 4.0
Interior: 4.0
Customer Service: 5.0
General Atmosphere:  4.0

Overall: ★★★★



Food and Drink: 3.5 
Interior: 4.0 
Customer Service: 5.0
General Atmosphere: 4.5 

Overall: ★★★★


We had a very good experience overall without any real complaints. Roll'n is still relatively new to the neighbourhood having opened up in June of this year. 

They are open daily from 6.30am-4.00pm on weekdays, with a slightly later start time over the weekend, opening from 7.00am.

Roll'n Café 

Address: Shop 4/480 Riversdale Road, Hawthorn East, Melbourne
Opening Hours: 06:30 - 16:00 Monday - Friday; 07:00 - 16:00 Saturday - Sunday
Social Media: Facebook; Instagram

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