Oops, we did it Again.

JoJo and LiLi

Lawd, it's been a while.

Hello everyone and welcome back to JoJo and LiLi!

We took a bit of a break last year - new careers, new living spaces and traveling left us a bit distracted from our love of food.

The last half of 2016, gave us a lot of time to focus on our friendship a and other aspects of our lives and subsequently, we spent a lot of time together, supporting each other through good times and the bad, like girl baes do.

This year, we are going to slow it down a little more - we've got a very exciting trip coming up in June to the Maldives and a potential trip to South East Asia towards the latter half of the year - who knows, we might even take this International! 

We are going to aim for monthly (fortnightly once we get back into the swing of things) posts instead of weekly. We want to focus on the quality and consistency of our content and wrangle control of every part of this project. We found that we were doing far too much, far too quickly when we first started but we're glad that we did, because even when it got a bit stressful we realised it was something we still enjoyed doing and more importantly: that we enjoyed doing together. 

Anyway, here's to 2017 and we sincerely hope it bests 2016 in every way shape and form.

Thank you for following us around Victoria so far and stay tuned for more deliciousness.

Stay Hangry x

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