Black Milk

Dark Cherry Blossoms

№ 14

What: Dinner When: 10 March 2016
Where: B'cos Brazil, CBD


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Dress Black Milk | Cardi Kmart | Flats Rubi

This is one of my favourite dresses of all time. What I love about it is how the blue fades in and out of the dresses around the cherry blossoms. Just a sweet dress that would suit a more casual setting. A lot of people comment on the dress when ever I'm out which gives me the impression that I made a good choice because it's so pretty!

The cardigan was something I saw randomly on a KMart rack and wanted to have it instantly. It has diamontes all over the front and I bought it specifically to go with this dress. I don't actually use it for any other pieces of clothing. It's almost as though it was made for this dress.

I try to offset this outfit with white shoes at all times. I feel like if I were to match it with blue, it'd be too overpowering. My flats are nothing more than a boring pair of ballet flats and they are really there to get one job done.


Dress ASOS | Vest Flower | Ankle Boots Windsor Smith | Accessories Lovisa & Sportsgirl

You know when you buy a dress online, try it on and are immediately cured of the anxiety that only those who are serial online shoppers are familiar with? This is one of those dresses and one of those times that the gamble paid off.

Stupidly versatile dress that has seen me through various dinners, outings and casual Fridays at work. The flared sleeves are a point of interest. They're gorgeous. Sometimes annoying, but always gorgeous. 

Look, it was cold, wet and raining. I wasn't going to make the same mistake of wearing white in the rain again, so an all black outfit felt like the more comfortable choice. 


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Leggings and Prints in South Yarra

№ 10

What: Lunch When: 24 January 2016
Where: Three Monkeys, Prahran


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Dress Black Milk | Cardigan Temt | Leggings Kmart | Flats Rubi

If you can't already tell, I'm a Black Milk girl. I especially love the skater dresses that they have and you'll typically see me wearing them over and over. I especially like this dress for the Koi fish design as it mixes Japanese and Chinese artistry. Who doesn't love wearing art?

My shoes were hell cheap at $5 during a Rubi online sale. I like these kinds of bargains as I do wear a lot of flats and surprisingly, these have lasted me more than 2 years.


One of our adoring fans had to be kept in check by Grumpy Mate Rich. Please exercise some restraint, little one and stay behind the barriers.


Dress Tee We Too Are One  | Leggings H&M | Kicks Converse | Necklace Topshop

Every now and again, IJDGAF. This is what I look like when I have one of these episodes.

I threw on a baggy dress tee by a label that was stocked at a boutique I used to work at; the label was called We Too are One. Unfortunately, they appear to have dropped off the face of the earth since I stopped working there almost five years ago. Poops.

Coupled with my cute leather chucks from last year's Chinese New Year collection and I was ready to take on a day of casual indulgence.


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