Brunch Date Kittens

№ 12

What: Lunch When: 31 January 2016
Where: Long Story Short Café, Richmond

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Dress Ally Fashion  | Sandals KMart | Necklace Far East Plaza

I never really thought much about dusty pink as a colour that would suit me. But I'm glad I bought this dress as it's now my go to dress for weddings and is pretty neat to wear for a day outing.

My sandals are from Kmart but I don't wear sandals often enough and therefore don't mind being a bit cheapo when it comes to buying them. I only wear them once or twice a year and then then are neglected. They definitely get the job done though!

My floral collared necklace is a cute addition to an otherwise plain outfit and it adds a bit of a subtle touch.

Thought my outfit was versatile enough to go anywhere that day. Need to cover all bases right?




Pullover Bonds | Leggings Lululemon | Sneakers Supra | Necklaces Sportsgirl

I'd recently gone on a bit of a shopping spree at the Southbank DFO. It was really just to replace a pair of plimsolls I managed to throw up after a rather intense night of clubbing in Manila, last November.

The overwhelming sadness I felt the next day is indescribable.

These runners are super light weight and are made out of very breathable material - very comfortable... which is what I wanted to be for lunch!


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