Rainy Day Monochrome

№ 11

What: Dinner When: 27 January 2016
Where: Omah's Malaysian Cuisine, Hawthorn


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Blouse Uniqlo  | Skirt KMart | Heels Rivers

I think I had an interview and that's what prompted this outfit. Definitely a big fan of polkadots and navy plagues my wardrobe since I support the Geelong Cats. I think polkadots are cute and my top matched my umbrella which was a bonus too!

I have way too many skater skirts and regularly wear them with a simple tee and sneakers. Just an easy piece of clothing to style with. Definitely a staple in my mind. Forgive me if you see my wearing skater skirts regularly in my pics :)

My shoes were a rare find, I was in Harbour Town in Perth and I always thought Rivers sold boots and sandals. To my surprise they did dress shoes too and what attracted me most to this pair was the frilled middle section of the shoe. It adds an element of girliness and how sweet and charming they are!




T-Shirt Peter Alexander | Leggings Lululemon | Boots Windsor Smith | Necklaces Sportsgirl

I love Melbourne rainy days. I really, really do, but wearing white is probably, 100%, definitely a mistake. Also a bit silly for what would be a bit of a messy crab adventure.

Unsure what I was thinking there but in any case, I committed to this outfit and somehow came out unscathed. Woot.

I've got a few leggings from Lululemon and can attest to their durability and versatility - for both an active lifestyle and day to day general wear. They're great for my shape as well and I also enjoy the fact that they are a little thicker. 

Coupled with this soft basic tee, (which, okay fine, is a pyjama tee, does my face look like it cares?) made for a very comfy dressed down look.


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